General Information...

General information regarding the running of the 'Follow Your Dreams' Solo Duo Graceful regional competition can be found below. Should you have any further queries please feel free to contact us via the contact form found within the navigation menu. 


Click on the image above to purchase tickets;

Adult Per Section $15.00

Concession/Child Per Section $10.00

Saturday All Day Pass $50.00

Sunday All Day Pass $40.00



Event Schedule

Click on the image above to view the event schedule for the 'Follow Your Dreams' SDG Competition


Run Sheet

Click on the image above to view the run sheet for the 'Follow Your Dreams' S D G Competition. 

A more detailed view of the run sheet will be available in the Follow Your Dreams event program.



Melanie McNiven Portraits 

Allstars is thrilled to announce Melanie McNiven will be taking stage shots  over the weekend. 

Click on the image above to view more information. 

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Sign In On The Day

All participants and coaches will be required to sign in at the registration desk upon arrival to the competition.

The registration desk is located in the Sports Stadium and this is where competitor passes, coach passes, and general information is given. Critique sheets are to be collected from the registration desk and all other general enquiries can be answered.

SIGN IN is required for ALL competitors and coaches on EACH day of the competition. 

Canteen 1.jpg


A full canteen will be running over the weekend.

The menu will be provided closer to the date.

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— Ruth St. Denis