Prior to completing the Online Registration From please ensure you have read and understood the following information located in the Social Media Policy, Code of Behviour, Non Payment of Fees, Photo Release Consent and Parent Information Handbook emailed to you by the respective committee member. By submitting this registration form you agree to the terms and conditions outlined within these policies.

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As we are a non-for-profit sporting club we require volunteers. We understand not everyone can sew, so let us know what you're great at.
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I authorise Allstars Calisthenics Academy Inc to seek any necessary medical attention for my child in an emergency and I understand I am responsible for any costs incurred.
I herby give permission for my child’s photo or video footage from competitions to be used as promotional material for the purpose of promoting Calisthenics in Queensland for both Allstars Calisthenics Academy & CAQI.
I authorise CAQI to refer my child’s name and contact details to anyone of authority who asks in relation to coaching or my membership.
I have read, understood & agree to all the points listed in the Parents/Guardian Code of Behaviour & also the Spectator Code of Behaviour, Social Media Policy, Non Payment of Fees and Photo Release Consent as listed above. If in breach of these codes I will accept the decision of the Allstars Calisthenics and and/or CAQI Executive Committees.
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Parent/ Guardian Consent
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