Calisthenics levels are a program of graded tests devised by the A.C.F. (Australian Calisthenic Federation) enabling the girls to progress through various levels of achievement during their calisthenic careers, which will help them to become more familiar with calisthenic terminology and improve their skills and technique.  

Allstars conducts its pupil skills program annually during Term 4. For participants to perform in a Solo, Duo or Graceful the following year they are required to have successfully achieved their appropriate calisthenics level. 

Levels are not compulsory, however Allstars highly encourages all members to participate as they are a wonderful way for the individual participants to improve their calisthenics skills. 

Benefits of Involvement

      The syllabus is designed to develop:

  • Fitness

  • Flexibility

  • Co-ordination and rhythm

  • Sense of achievement

  • Musicality

  • Deportment and poise

      And at the same time promoting self esteem and self discipline.

For more information regarding the calisthenics levels refer to