Allstars Calisthenics Academy is a not for profit incorporation that is run by a committee of parent volunteers who have the girls best interests at heart.  

The Club was opened in 2009 on the Sunshine Coast with both Tinies and Junior age groups taught by Principal Coach Liz Thompson (nee Palmer). The club consisted of twenty-one members and this number has continued to grow. Our 2009 Junior team is to be commended for being awarded the Queensland Junior State Championship Team for 2009. They were also awarded the best Costume and Choreography Award not only in the Junior section but also won this award out of all age sections in the whole competition. This is a remarkable achievement for our first year of opening. 

The Allstars Coaching team have a strong passion for seeing the girls achieve their full potential, and especially love being involved in the excitement the girls feel after performing on stage. A team can only be this successful if it has a strong base of supporters.  We encourage you to become involved in Allstars as your daughters chosen sport as the friendships and benefits are endless. 




While the marching team executes many intricate floor patterns, deportment and uniformity remain the most important factors.


A team performs a series of strong movements involving high levels of flexibility, control and uniformity of rhythm. Routines test pupil's stamina, flexibility and timing and have become more challenging and complex over time. 


A team perform similar movements to free exercises, with the added complication of an apparatus in their hands; that is, a long rod which is manipulated constantly and quickly through the routine.


This is probably the hardest routine to perform correctly. Teams are required to swing clubs in unison with perfect rhythm and uniformity in a circular action. 


A team perform graceful movements. Their task is to interpret music with feeling and softness, as reflected throughout their body and facial expressions.


A fun and very entertaining routine that involves a combination of singing and chosen style of dance.